Magnat Magnasphere


Digital high-end
wireless transmission

The audio signals are transmitted to the speakers in a completely stable and reliable manner. Three selectable frequency bands (2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz and 5.8 GHz) guarantee maximum transmission stability.

and versatile

In addition to Bluetooth compatibility, the TX11 Magnasphere transmitter can also be connected directly to a PC via USB. The Magnasphere component then functions as an external sound card and caters for the elaborate internal D/A conversion process. This completely bypasses the audio components in a computer and notebook, which are often weak in comparison.

Enormous acoustic

The Magnasphere speakers accommodate powerful class-D amplifiers, which are subdivided into individual modules for the bass and mid/treble range, thereby ensuring extremely precise control.

For maximum flexibility, the transmitter module also features Bluetooth connectivity. In order to enable a high quality signal here, the Magnasphere components offer full Qualcomm aptX compatibility, thereby ensuring audio signals are transmitted via Bluetooth in CD quality. The multi-zone functionality of the Magnasphere series supports up to three speaker zones.

In addition, two optical digital inputs are also integrated, which, like all digital inputs, enable sampling rates of up to 24bit/96kHz to be processed. Stereo analog inputs for RCA and 3.5 mm jacks are also present.

The DSP-controlled digital filter stage also offers scope for individual adaptation, whereby the bass and treble frequencies can be adjusted between -2 dB and +2 dB. FE-Dynamics woofers and bass-midrange drivers with ceramic/aluminum cones and distortion-optimized magnet systems are responsible for the solid bass range, while the upper frequency ranges are catered for by fmax tweeters with dual-compound fabric domes and powerful neodymium drives.

Magnat Magnasphere

Magnasphere 33

Wireless high-end speaker system

Compact speaker – poor performance? Not by any means! The active shelf speakers in the Magnasphere series are equipped with a 170 mm driver, which is identical to that used in the floorstanding speakers. The 170 mm chassis caters for both the bass and bass-midrange frequencies to generate a rich, balanced sound. A 25 mm fmax tweeter is also integrated and reproduces extremely high frequencies of up to 50,000 Hz. A powerful class-D amplifier module, which boasts a fully active configuration and a total power of 100 watts RMS, is responsible for driving the speaker. The robustly designed MDF housing is available in a white or black silk matt lacquer finish and features an invisible magnetic mount for the front speaker grille. The system can be fully controlled via the supplied solid metal remote control.

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Magnat Magnasphere 55

Wireless high-end speaker system

Wireless high-end enjoyment becomes reality with the Magnasphere 55 floorstanding speakers. The Magnasphere digital wireless system is completely resistant to interference and is ready for use in just a few steps. The compact, extremely flexible transmitter unit enables stable playback of analog and digital sources, including USB audio and Bluetooth. Quantum technology is the keyword when it comes to the high quality sound reproduction: The fully active and DSP-filtered 2.5-way floorstanding speakers are equipped with two 170 mm woofers for a powerful reproduction of the bass and bass-midrange frequencies. The 25 mm tweeter guarantees a superior level of detail in the highest frequency ranges and its bandwidth, which stretches to 50,000 Hz, means it is also extremely suitable for high-resolution audio material. A total maximum output of 180 watts per speaker ensures even larger rooms can be filled with sound without any problems whatsoever.

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Magnasphere overview

Flexible and versatile

  • Wireless high-end loudspeaker system
  • Fully active loudspeakers with built-in Class D power amps, DSP filtering, display and Quantum chassis technology
  • Compact transmitter with numerous inputs (2x analogue, 2x digital, USB Audio, Bluetooth® with aptX®)
  • Very interference-resistant, easy to set up digital wireless system with 3 selectable frequencies
  • Multi-zone functionality: up to 3 loudspeaker zones, source freely selectable in each case, several speakers can be grouped together
  • Each Magnasphere set comprises:
  • 1 x transmitter TX-11
  • 1 x remote control
  • 2 x Magnasphere 33 or 55 loudspeaker

Technical details


Magnasphere Features

  • Fully active stereo set with separate transmitter
  • Wireless high-end loudspeaker system
  • Very interference-resistant easy-to-install digital wireless system
  • Compact transmitter unit with numerous inputs (2x analog, 2x digital, USB Audio, Bluetooth®/Qualcomm® aptX™)
  • Fully active, DSP-filtered loudspeakers with Quantum technology
  • Elegant cabinet design with matte painted surfaces
  • Multizone function with up to 3 loudspeaker zones

Loudspeaker (Amplifier)

  • A powerful class D amplifier module per speaker with 100 watts RMS (M55)/65 watts RMS (M33)
  • Fully active amplifier modules (one amplifier each for the woofer, woofermidrange and tweeter)
  • DSP-controlled digital filter
  • Adjustable bass and trebles (-2dB/0dB/+2dB) for individual sound settings
  • Three-digit 7-segmet-LED-display on the speaker front
  • Complete system control via supplied solid metal remote control (batteries included)
  • Mains voltage 110 – 240V
  • Low standby power consumption of the speakers <0.5 watts
  • Power supply 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Loudspeaker (Chassis)

  • Fmax tweeter with advanced frequency range, dual-compound cloth dome and neodymium drive
  • FE-dynamics woofer and woofer midrange with ceramic-aluminium membrane and low-distortion magnet system
  • Flow-optimised non-magnetic speaker baskets made of carbon fiber composite material, fixed by 8 screws

Loudspeaker (Housing)

  • Very solidly constructed housing made of E1 MDF panels
  • Elegant design with matte painted black or white surfaces and rounded vertical edges
  • Solid base plate
  • Detachable front grill with acoustic cloth and invisible magnet fixing
  • Bass reflex construction with a flow-optimised reflex tube that is rounded on both sides
  • Screwed-in rubber spikes for a safe grip on all surfaces
  • Metal spikes included in delivery (M55)

Transmitter Magnasphere TX11

  • Digital high-end wireless transmission of the audio signals to the loudspeakers
  • Three available frequency bands (2.4GHz, 5.2GHz and 5.8GHz) for distortion-free operation
  • Latest-generation Bluetooth® and the high-end audio standard “Qualcomm® aptX™” grant music transmission in CD quality
  • USB audio input for the use on a computer as an external audio device, high-quality internal D/A conversion of the audio signal
  • Two optical digital inputs for the connection of digital audio devices
  • Sampling rates of all digital inputs of up to 24Bit /96kHz
  • Two analog stereo inputs (RCA R/L and 3.5 mm jack) for the connection of additional devices, such as MP3 players, CD players, TV sets etc.
  • Compact plastic housing
  • Power supply 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz via external power supply 11/2016 11/2016

„Magnat presents (…) a powerful active wireless loudspeaker that is recommended for all music lovers with top-class sound quality and flexible connectivity options.“ (Magnat Magnasphere 55,

Download testreview 11/2016 11/2016

„Excellently equipped, technically elaborate and outstanding sounding active loudspeakers with wireless transmission“ (Magnat Magnasphere 55, 11/2016)

Download testreview 12/2016 12/2016

„….The high-frequency response of the Magnat Magnasphere 33 strikes the right balance between level of detail and constrained sharpness. The sound of the drum cymbals and rattles displays a fine resolution, for example, while the vocals have no difficulty whatsoever with sharp consonants.“ (Magnat Magnasphere 33 modernhifi 12/2016)

Download testreview 12/2016 12/2016

„…Also with regard to the Bluetooth connection, I can only comment positively. Speakers in the living room, smartphone in the kitchen or bedroom – the connection even remains clear and stable through walls“ (Magnat Magnasphere 33, 12/2016)

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Stereoplay 02/2017

Stereoplay 02/2017

„High-quality, reliable engineering combined with great sound. The Magnat Magnasphere 55’s are convincing all-round and dominate the party as well as quiet moments alone.“ (Magnat Magnasphere 55, Stereoplay 02/2017)“

Download testreview 03/2017 03/2017

„… High-quality music enjoyment without annoying cables as well as harmonious integration in the living room ambiance and easy to operate control makes the Magnat Magnasphere 33 stand out. …“

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Stereo 04/2017

Stereo 04/2017


Download testreview 05/2017 05/2017

„Harmonious complete package: Very good finish combined with useful features and a great sound“

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